About Alex

Alex with his wife Meghan, and their rescue dog, Bella.

I am a proud Mountain View resident with a longtime track record of creating change within our high-growth tech economy, community organizations, and electoral process.

In my career as a Sr. Cybersecurity Advisor in Mountain View, I've acquired business leadership and expertise in global information security, data privacy, and governance policy issues which affect everyone from the Fortune 500 to small businesses as well as governments to individual persons.

Over the same time, I've equally dedicated myself to building community coalitions and deep relationships in our city government to establish leadership on protections for Mountain View's working families against our long-running housing crisis, and to ensure the long term sustainability of our city.

My experience serving as Co-Lead for the YES on Measure P campaign in Nov 2018, and NO on Measure D campaign in March of this year has led to two of Mountain View's largest electoral victories in Mountain View over the last decade while ensuring that all of our residents benefit from these successful outcomes. I have also led the push for land use policies that protect both property rights and Mountain View's longtime residents by preventing a net loss of housing and the displacement of residents through the demolition of our remaning affordable housing supply.

With these critical issues continuing to affect Mountain View's residents, I believe that now is the right time for me to offer to the community & voters all of the leadership skills, land use knowledge, and community experience I have acquired as part of our collective decision for what we want Mountain View's future to look like.

If elected to City Council, I will work diligently every day to ensure that our community stands up for the quality of life many of our residents currently enjoy, while also representing those who may need a little more help to get there as well. I would be honored to earn your support and vote this November 3rd.

Leadership & Experience:

  • Co-Lead, NO on Measure D Campaign - March 2020 (Preserving Rental Housing Affordability for Working Families & Essential Workers)

  • Co-Lead, YES on Measure P Campaign - Nov 2018 (Mountain View Progressive Business Tax for Affordable Housing & Transit Infrastructure)

  • Elected Delegate, CA State Assembly District 24

  • Fmr. Political Director, Peninsula Young Democrats

  • Alt. Delegate, Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee

  • Community Emergency Response Team, Shoreline West (CERT)

  • Community Liaison Officer, Shoreline West Association of Neighbors

  • Coalition Member, Raise the Wage Campaign

  • Valedictorian, Mountain View Spanish Leadership Academy

  • Mountain View YIMBY

  • Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning

  • Mountain View Housing Justice Coalition

  • Mountain View Tenants Coalition

Alex builds coalition support to defend housing affordability in Mountain View.