Leadership on Mountain View's Most Critical Issues

My name is Alex Nunez and I am truly honored to ask for your vote this November to serve as your next elected representative on our Mountain View City Council.

I am running because I believe that the voices and needs of many Mountain View residents have been largely left behind throughout our long running housing crisis and especially now during our COVID-19 emergency. This has left many in our community feeling hopeless and powerless for their ability to ever recover and establish a better life for themselves or their families.

As your Mountain View City Councilmember I will dedicate myself to seeking out the deepest needs of our community and solving our mutual challenges.

Sally Lieber

Fmr. Speaker Pro Tem CA State Assembly & Mountain View Mayor

Ken Rosenberg

Fmr. Mountain View Mayor & City Councilmember

Tamara Wilson

President, Mountain View Whisman School District Board of Trustees

Full List of Endorsements

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COVID-19 Recovery

The unprecedented pandemic is critically compounding our community's pre-existing social, health, and economic challenges. We must plan now to help our residents return safely to work and remain securely housed after the emergency ends. (Read Alex's Plan)

Housing Supply & Affordability

The affordability and availability of housing in Mountain View continues to be a significant challenge for working families, teachers, and other essential workers we depend on for long-term economic sustainability. (Read Alex's Plan)

Climate Change & Energy Resilience

Climate Change represents an immediate and consequential threat to the continued existence of human civilization as we know it. Mountain View must establish the blueprint for climate change response and adaptation strategies to successfully push back this threat. (Read Alex's Plan)

Civil Liberties & Privacy

The rapid rate of evolution in our modern technologies makes it extremely important for Mountain View residents to decide for themselves which technologies should be used by our government agencies, the reasons for when these technologies should be used, and how any data captured will be used and protected. (Read Alex's Plan)

Public Safety & Police Reform

The number one priority of every public official is the safety and well-being of every resident and visitor to our city regardless of race, socioeconomic standing, and/or gender identity. Mountain View's police department is well commended and has not been faulted for abusing their use of force. For this reason, Mountain View is primed to adopt innovative police accountability and service reforms which can lay the foundation for reimagined community policing in America. (Read Alex's Plan)

Transportation & Infrastructure

Our city's infrastructure is already impacted by the high demands and growth of our local economy. While the COVID-19 crisis has currently reduced transportation demand as many working commuters shift to remote work, it is critical for us to make concrete infrastructure plans for the resumption of future growth. (Read Alex's Plan)